Music Production for Artists

I offer my services as producer and engineer to Artists and Songwriters. Feel free to send me a demo for review and we can discuss the possibilities.

Producing the music
The kind of artist you are determines the way of working. And the way of working greatly affects the outcome.

The stages of production:

I can help out with fleshing out the details so the recording process will go smoothly without any surprises.
This means joining in on rehearsals and really go deep into the material.

Recording can be done in my studio, or in another studio or location of your choice. I’m experienced in digital recording and old-skool analog.

Mixing can be done in the box, hybrid or totally analog. This depends on the kind of music and the desired sound.

Getting the music properly Mastered
Great music deserves a great master. I have a couple of preferred mastering engineers which I can recommend using.

You think you’re done yet? Think again!
With your material produced to reflect your artistic vision, the work has just begun.
To properly get your music out there you need to do planning, marketing, promotion etc..

Pricing (excl 21% vat):
100 euros per 2-hour studio block
350 euros per 8-hour day

When booking an EP production, 4 tracks, 4 days recording, 4 days mixing, pricing is 250 euros per day.